Baluchari / Swarnachuri saree

Baluchari / Swarnachuri saree

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Bengal with this exquisite handwoven Baluchari saree. Crafted from pure silk threads, this exquisite saree features a captivating artwork woven onto the pallu, depicting scenes from Indian epics. The vibrant colors add a touch of grandeur to this truly unique piece.

Its rich heritage dates back to 18th-19th century Bengal, originating in the village of Baluchar.  These exquisite sarees are renowned for their intricate mythological scenes and motifs adorning the borders and pallu.

Baluchari (meenakari) is the type of balucharis with threads in two or more colours with attractive meenakari work that further brightens the patterns.

Swarnachari (baluchari in gold), also called Swarnachuri are the most gorgeous balucharis, woven with gold (swarna) or silver coloured threads (often with meenakari work in another colour) that illuminate the patterns to a much larger extent.

Perfect for weddings, festivals, or any special occasion, this Baluchari saree is sure to turn heads. This delicate handloom fabric requires special care, so dry cleaning is recommended.